Code of Practice

Always work within the law
Do not ever treat or claim to be able to treat a medical condition
Client confidentiality should be respected all times (see GDPR regulations and apply for certification via: )

Consulting your client As cosmetic practitioners we have a duty of care to our clients to provide a service which adheres to health and safety laws and guidelines and is a service that the client has been fully informed of and is therefore in a position to give informed consent.

There are several reasons why a client consultation should always be provided before the procedure is carried out:
To assess the emotional state of the client, are they able to give informed consent?
To understand the client’s motivations, requirements and expectations
To enable the technician to understand any worries or anxieties that the client may have
To allow the technician to talk through the different stages of the procedure and what the client may expect
To inform the client of the risks, side effects and post procedure care
To inform the client of any pre procedure preparations that will be required
To assess the clients medical history to see if there are any possible contraindications
High standards of hygiene and safety should be maintained at all times
Ensure medical consent is provided when necessary
You should always endeavour to undertake your work in a principled manner ensuring your clients feel at ease and respected.