Professional Ethics in the Clinic

Your personal hygiene, appearance and professional standards must be of a high standard to ensure that you give the very best first impression. This will instil confidence in your client.
It is essential to explain the safety protocols you will undertake prior to and during the treatment to keep your client safe. This includes correct PPE, disinfecting work areas and using sterilised equipment.
It is essential to develop a trusting and confident relationship with your client. Not only is this provided through producing high quality work for your client, it is essential to ensure your client feels at ease, prior, during and after the treatment. This is mainly achieved through communication.
Listen to your clients needs and desires.
Provide professional advice throughout the consultation to ensure your client is aware of the best course of treatment for them.
Speak clearly and confidently, and use images or other documentation to ensure your client has accessed the information needed.
Explain the stages of the treatment so your client understands the process.
Question your client during the treatment to ensure they feel at ease.
Allow the client opportunity to ask questions.
Other essential requirement is that you are insured for both public and private liability