Skin Tones and the Fitzpatrick Scale

Understanding skin type and tone will be a massive factor when selecting the appropriate pigment.

The Fitzpatrick Scale of skin types is an essential tool when assessing skin type and tone and is a must when deciding what colour pigment should be used during consultation.

A persons skin type and tone may also be classified by the clients origins.

Undertone is the colour that is just beneath the skin. It is possible for skin tone may appear different with sun exposure, age, fake tanning products etc., this is called an overtone. Regardless of this the undertone will not change. There are three main undertones:

Cool – the person will have blue or purple veins and the skin may have red-pink, red or blue tinge. The skin is more prone to burning and would rarely tan.
Neutral – the person will have blue-green veins. The client may have conflicting features, for example: light hair, dark eyes. May burn but also tans. These are our anomalies,. We class these as neutral. There are also some races who can nearly always be categorised as neutral. These are Asian skin types. They naturally have a yellow undertone to the skin.
Warm – the person will most likely have darker features. They will have green veins and the skin will appear to have a yellow , gold or peach tinge. The skin will most likely tan well in the sun, and the person will not burn or only burn minimally.
Understanding skin tones is essential when selecting the correct pigment for a client.