Waste Disposal

The offensive and hazardous waste generated by micropigmentation clinics doesn’t just apply to needles, it may also include items such as;

  • Pigment pots and leftover pigments
  • Leftover creams and containers
  • Cotton wool pads and wipes
  • Personal protective equipment and gloves

Waste is split into two categories by the Department of Health; tattoo needles and sharps are categorized as hazardous and must be disposed of in special sharps receptacles with an orange lid and other hazardous clinical waste must be disposed of in a clearly marked bin which is operated by a foot peddle that contains an orange bin bag.

Duty of Care
By producing potentially infectious and hazardous waste, government legislation states that a micropigmentation technician has a duty of care to ensure that the waste they produce is stored safely and appropriately classified as hazardous or non-hazardous. Not only does the waste have to be segregated and stored securely, but a contract must be agreed to legally transport waste from your premises.