Pigment Preparation

Distilled water is mixed with pigment using a ratio of water : pigment
For example:

  • If we want to prepare a colour of 20, we would need a mixture of 20:1 = 20 parts of water in millilitres (20 ml) to 1 part pigment in millilitres (1 ml).
  • If we want to prepare an 18, we would need 18 ml of water mixed with 1ml of pigment = 18:1
  • If we want to prepare a 6, we would need 6 ml of water and 1ml of pigment = 6:1

In order to reduce waste and conserve pigment, half the water amount and the pigment amount for each dilution.

For example:
20 can be measured as 20 ml water: 1ml pigment OR 10 ml water: .5ml pigment (we simply halved each amount to maintain the correct ratio)