Consulting Your Client

As micropigmentation practitioners we have a duty of care to our clients to provide a service which adheres to health and safety laws and guidelines and is a service that the client has been fully informed of and is therefore in a position to give informed consent.

There are several reasons why a client consultation should always be provided before the procedure is carried out:

  • To assess the emotional state of the client, are they able to give informed consent?
  • To understand the client’s motivations, requirements and expectations
  • To enable the technician to understand any worries or anxieties that the client may have
  • To allow the technician to talk through the different stages of the procedure and what the client may expect
  • To inform the client of the risks, side effects and post procedure care
  • To inform the client of any pre procedure preparations that will be required
  • To assess the clients medical history to see if there are any possible contraindications
  • To conduct a patch test to establish if the client is has any sensitivities to the products that will be used.

Performing a patch test is essential and all insurance companies will expect it is completed in order for them to provide cover. Patch tests must be performed a minimum of 48 hours prior to treatment. If the client experiences any adverse effects the treatment cannot be performed.