Skin Functions, Types and Characteristics

The functions of the skin:

  • Secretion
  • Heat regulation
  • Absorption
  • Protection
  • Excretion
  • Sensation
  • Vitamin D formation
  • Melanin formation

There are 4 main skin types:

  • Normal – fine texture, no visible pores, smooth, supple, flexible
  • Oily – shiny, thicker, sallow (yellow/brown in tone), coarse texture, enlarged pores, congestion
  • Combination – combination of two or more skin types, usually oily T-zone, normal or dry on cheeks
  • Dry – lacks moisture, dry to touch, flakiness, fine texture, thin, tight, small pores, broken capillaries, ageing

Skin characteristics:

  • Sensitive – often pale skins, dry, colour easily, redness, react to products
  • Dehydrated – normal oil secretions but still flaky, tight
  • Mature – loss of elasticity, thinner, loose muscle tone, wrinkles
  • Congested – areas on the face where there are a collection of oil, bacteria, acne and milia